Thursday, 30 January 2014

Uni-Y Annual General Meeting 2014

The Uni-Y Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Saturday, 18 January 2014 at Tan Chin Tuan Function Rooms 1 and 2, YMCA of Singapore. Mr Stephen Loh, President, YMCA of Singapore, Mr Teo Zi-Ming, Chairman of the Youth and Volunteers Development Programmes Committee, along with 106 Uni-Y members, volunteers, Executive Committee (ExCo) members and staff attended the AGM.

Mr Teo, in his opening address, recounted the history of Uni-Y and highlighted the club’s achievements over the past year. He also re-affirmed what Uni-Y stood for and elaborated on what it meant to be a community champion with purpose and passion.

“I hope that the youth of Uni-Y will have a different spirit – that we will be known for meeting the injustice and challenges of the world not with negativity, but with Action – using our hands to make the lives better for those around us,” said Mr Teo.

Mr Zhao Wen Wei, Outgoing Chairperson of Uni-Y Council, thanked the outgoing ExCo for their contributions and encouraged them to continue the spirit of servant leadership. Mr Loh presented the ExCo members with certificates of appreciation. 

“I have been blessed with a dedicated team of ExCo members who are brave enough to join me on this adventure to grow the club,” said Mr Zhao. “Thank you for your support over the past year and for your selfless desire to serve the community.” 

For the incoming ExCo, they were formally sworn-in and received their appointments at the AGM.

Mr Ivan Joshua Lim, Chairperson, Uni-Y Council 2014, re-emphasised Uni-Y’s mission and set the direction of the coming year to unite all members and volunteers in purpose.

“Our mission is to develop and empower youth … to be servant leaders who will impact our local and international communities,” elaborated Mr Lim. “We will strive to continue creating Social Impact – we will expand our scope to explore self-initiated service programmes that will be unique to the respective universities.”

Towards the end of his speech, Mr Lim issued a call-to-action to the new ExCo, members and volunteers.

“I hope all of us, Uni-Y members and volunteers alike, will see ourselves representing Uni-Y Singapore as a united front that transforms communities through servant leadership.” 

Uni-Y Executive Committee 2014

President Delphine Phua Yee Min 
Vice President (Social Impact) Ang Wen Min 
Vice President (Holistic Enrichment) Kenneth Goh Ming Sheng 
Vice President (Internal Affairs) Kenson Tan 

President Ivan Joshua Lim 
Vice President (Social Impact) Soh Xin Yuan 
Vice President (Holistic Enrichment) Silvia Setiawan 
Vice President (Internal Affairs) Clarence Chng 

President Joel Fan Zhiwen 
Vice President (Social Impact) Sandra Tan Shu Ping 
Vice President (Holistic Enrichment) Brenda Yung Wei Ling 
Vice President (Internal Affairs) Lim Rui Si

University-YMCA (Uni-Y) clubs were established in tertiary institutions with the mission of developing and empowering youth to be servant leaders who will impact our local and international communities. The first Uni-Y was set up in Singapore Management University (SMU) in 2005, followed by National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2007, and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2009. Uni-Y reaches out to tertiary students who desire to serve the community, and Christians who want to put their faith into practice. It focuses on creating positive social impact through community service and social entrepreneurship programmes, and delivering holistic enrichment to its volunteers and members through leadership programmes. For more information, visit

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