Friday, 8 August 2014

Anti-bullying activist inspires YMCA School students

“Never give up.”   

That was the message from anti-bullying activist, Mr Jon Pritikin, who riveted the audience of more than 150 YMCA School students and teachers during a talk at YMCA of Singapore on 4 August 2014.

Mr Pritikin, who hails from California, USA, shared his personal experience of how he struggled with bullying as a young boy. Diagnosed at an early age with a severe learning disability, he endured cruel and relentless taunting, ridiculing, and bullying from his school peers and neighborhood children on a daily basis, and consequently, struggled with low self-esteem. 

But Mr Pritikin overcame these obstacles and not only managed to graduate from college, he also became a motivational speaker and accomplished feats of unusual strength, such as bending a steel bar with his teeth and  tearing an entire phone book with one swift action, which he demonstrated to an amazed audience.

The students were in awe of Mr Pritikin and were inspired by his message of perseverance and hard work. One of them said after the talk, “I want to be like him.”

Mr Pritikin was invited to speak as part of YMCA School’s mission to provide a holistic education and instil values and build character among our students. 

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